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Resources for beginner and seasoned software developers, software, ebooks and tutorials.

Hi, I'm a software developer from Europe and I've created this simple web to help you with awesome resources for software development.

There are some books and tutorials as well, but I should leave something to Bento. Enjoy and let me know if I can help you.

Integrated development environments and code editors

Visual Studio 2013

It's one of the best tools for software development, I've been using it for years and still love it.

You can use it for ASP.NET or PHP with the help of some extensions.

Hot: Visual Studio 2013 released!



One of the most popular IDEs for Java and Android development.

Used for Android development with ADT plugin.

Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

C/C++ Android PHP Java Free


Sponsored by Oracle, NetBeans is avaiable for many platforms — Windows, Linux, MacOS X and Solaris.

I've been using it for PHP development in the past.

Oracle C/C++ PHP Java Free

Google Android Studio

New development environment for Android, base on IntelliJ IDEA and similar to Eclipse with the ADT plugin.

It's in preview version, so it may miss feature or two with the addition of some bugs ;)

You can use it on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Google Android Free

WebStorm, JavaScript IDE

JetBrain's IDE for JavaScript development, comes with support for lot of modern technologies — CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Node.js just to name the few.

Available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

JetBrains Trial


LINQPad is more than just tool for querying data, it's a lightweight code editor.

It's ideal for learning LINQ and can be used for quickly testing pieces of code.

Query objects, database, XML or OData / WCF Data Services using LINQ.

Free Premium For Windows Personal pick


Lightweight, cloud-connected web development tool with support for ASP.NET, PHP, TFS and Git source control.

Ideal tool for beginners, but has some feature like Coffescript, LESS, SASS and Node.js which are great for experienced web developers.

Free Microsoft ASP.NET PHP

Databases, tools for querying data, etc.*

SQL Server 2012 Express with Advanced Services

SQL Server Express database with Management Studio, Full-Text Search support and Reporting Services.

It's limit of 10GB per database should be enough for start — can be used in production too.

SQL Express 2014 CTP2 available now!

Free Database SQL


Most popular open source database, available for lots of platform — Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and others.

You will find lots of utilities, connectors and tools for working with MySQL.

Free MySQL Oracle Database


Popular NoSQL, open source document database.

Supports popular programming lanugages, and for C# developers — it comes with LINQ support ;)

Free NoSQL Database


Open source document database, free for open source projects.

See RavenHQ for hosted solution, it has free plan too.

Free NoSQL Database

Devart database tools

It's not software, but a company which makes great software and tools for working with databases.

Some products have free version, while you should pay for others — prices are very reasonable.

Here's some free software they offer:

dbForge studio for MySQL 6.0 Express
dbForge Studio for SQL Server 3.0 Express

SQL Server MVPs get free license!


MySQL yog - manager and admin tool

It's like Management Studio for MySQL, powerful database manager and administration tool.

Desing, query and optimize databases, import or export data, data comparer and schema sync tool.

I use it to connect to host's MySQL database, as it provides HTTP tunneling option.

Trial MySQL For Windows Database

Heidi SQL - MySQL and MSSQL management tool

Lightweight, Windows based application for managing MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

Free MySQL For Windows Database

Source control

TFS Server 2012 Express

Application lifecycle management and source control for up to 5 developers.

It can be used for commercial and production usage, but doesn't have all the features of full version.

Free ALM Source control

TFS in the Cloud

Hosted TFS in Microsoft's cloud, it's free for up to 5 users, which should be enough for personal projects or small startup.

Works with Visual Studio or Eclipse, TFVC or Git version control.

Free ALM Source control


Powerful collaboration, code review, and code management for open source and private projects.

Paid private repositories.

Free Git Source control


Distributed version control system, supports Git and Mercurial.

Unlimited private code repositories.

Free Git Mercurial Source control

Visual Studio extensions


Analyze, refactor and make your code better with this awsome Visual Studio plugin.

It's not free, but is well worth paying for, students get special discount.

ReSharper is one of the extensions I use every day and I can't recommend it enough. Get it!

Trial Personal pick

Visual Studio Commands

Lightweight productiviy tool for Visual Studio as their authors describe it.

Packs some great features and makes your coding experience better.

I like output window formatting and solution badges the most.

Free Trial

PHP Tools for Visual Studio

With this extension PHP is first class citizen in Visual Studio — PHP development has never been easier and more enjoyable.

Supports PHP debugging in Visual Studio, comes with IntelliSense support and lots of other great features.

Free Trial PHP Personal pick

LINQ Insight - ORM profiler for Visual Studio

Profile your LINQ queries from Visual Studio, find bottlenecks and optimize application for better performance.

I use free version with Entity Framework based projects.

Free Buy

Web debugging tools


Web debugging proxy, analyze your web app on the HTTP level and see what's really happening.

Ideal for improving performance of existing applications or handcrafting HTTP requests for testing web services.

Works on Windows, but has Mac and Linux version too.

Every web developer should use it. Period. Get it!

Free Personal pick


HTML, CSS and JavaScript code inspector for Firefox — JavaScript debugging, network performance tools, etc.

Grandfather of modern developer tools ;)

Mozilla Firefox

IE11's F12 Developer Tools

IE 11 comes with new developer tools which are significant upgrade over the previous version.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

More to come soon...

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